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Mountain hiking in Austria for a spectacular sunrise reward

Mountain hiking in Austria for a sunrise reward. Mt Loischkopf is over 2,000m uphill. After two hours walking, only a steep grassy bank separated us from our summit. Our timing was perfect – as the first mountain-top breaths of air filled our heaving lungs, the golden rays of a new dawn broke over us. We reached an area home to mountain cows and were humbled by the solar system above us and the nature all around us. I felt renewed, and it felt great to be alive.

Autumn Scavenger Hunt: I took this idea and made my own for older kids. I put a point value next to each item so we could break out in groups and make it more competitive. I included things like: Take a picture around a large tree, write down the address of a house with smoke coming from the chimney, etc. Fun to do before/ after Thanksgiving dinner?

Montana Rail Link leads BNSF trackage rights train out of Tunnel 29 east of Pinecliffe, CO. I still laugh about catching this. I had spent most of the day hiking around Big 10 photographing whatever showed up. My piece of junk radio shack scanner crackled the faintest conversation where I thought the dispatcher talked to an MRL something east. I hiked the 45 mins out of Big 10 and drove west completely doubting what I'd maybe heard and fully prepared to also miss the ghost train if it…

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The 15 Best Waterfalls in Iceland

You do not have to look very hard to find waterfalls in Iceland. They are literally everywhere; while driving around the island we unexpectedly ran into amazing waterfalls we didn’t even know were going to be there. Check out 15 of the BEST waterfalls in Iceland!

*** FREEBIE! *** Take a stroll and soak up the sights and sounds of Nature... A fun outside activity allowing your children to experience the simple pleasures of nature! Includes a mini lesson plan and a worksheet based on the 5 senses to follow up their outdoor experience *** Both spellings of 'Smelt' & 'Smelled' included to meet the grammatical needs of your part of the globe! ***

The Big red eye of the #HelixNebula in Infrared Part 2 | the nebula's central star itself is immersed in a surprisingly bright infrared glow. Models suggest the glow is produced by a dust debris disk. Even though the #nebular material was ejected from the star many thousands of years ago, the close-in dust could have been generated by collisions in a reservoir of objects analogous to our own #solarsystem's #KuiperBelt or #CometaryOortCloud.

landscape-photo-graphy: “Spectacular Travel Photography Collected From Around The World True Living is a dedicated page of travel and adventure photography which features spectacular images from all...

Nature bracelet - before taking your kids on a nature walk, put a thick strip of masking take sticky side out around their wrists. As they are walking they can add whatever they find to their bracelet.