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6 Types of Emotional Abuse by Narcissistic Parents

Absofreakinglutely! It's rather easy to do really. Being nasty isn't the way. Being firm, tactful, and follow through will draw a clear line.

Carpenters Cross Vintage Wooden Ruler Necklace - A pendant made from a vintage wooden ruler. All sides have been trimmed and sanded and a special word or message collaged to the front. You could wear this as a pendant, hang it in your studio or dangle it from your car's rear view mirror as a safety token. It's up to you!

5 Seconds Of Summer on

Okay so I had this convo with one of u guys about meeting u on satan Avenue in hell or smtn nd I really liked that person but I couldnt find u again so if it was u please please please comment nd remind me who u were cuz u were AWSOME nd to everyone else who is reading this nd thinks im crazy...well, I cant deny it! :)

Bible verses for the lunch it! There are also Joke Cards on the website. - I might laminate and put on a binder ring to practice verses in the car.

@Jenn L Swinwood This would be me, singing in your car. I only remember the stupid parts of songs - case in point "The Bad Touch" by the Bloodhound Gang