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Olavsweg-Olavsway-Pilgrimsleiden to Nidaros - YouTube

St Olaf's Way, Norway, a popular walking pilgrimage route between Oslo and Tronheim. The train we rode follows the same route.

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Borgund Stavkyrkje

Borgund Stavkirke, Norway, by Kurt Muetterties | angioman1: Built sometime 1180-1250 CE (12thcentury). Its walls are vertical wooden boards, or staves, hence the name "stave church" (stavkirke). Several runic inscriptions are found on the walls of the church. One reads: "Tor wrote these runes in the evening at the St. Olav's Mass", and another reads "Ave Maria". These can be found at the west portal of the church. [Please keep photo credit and original link if repinning. Thanks!]

The St.Olav Ways - The Pilgrim Paths to Trondheim is a network of historic trails, throughout beautiful nature and historical sites, used by pilgrims since the year 1032.

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✯ The Holly King and the Oak King are often portrayed in familiar ways: the Holly King frequently appears as a woodsy version of Santa Claus; He dresses in red, wears a sprig of holly in his tangled hair, and is sometimes depicted driving a team of eight stags. The Oak King is portrayed as a fertility god, and occasionally appears as the Green Man or other lord of the forest. .:☆:

Discover the St.Olav Ways - The Pilgrim Paths to Trondheim, Norway. Plan your trip and find inspiration on pilgrimage to the Nidaros Cathedral.