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Police arrest a man who is believed to have gone on a machete rampage killing a PREGNANT woman in the German city of Reutlingen


Criminal Minds: your brain is not the same as theirs.

༻⚜༺ ❤️ ༻⚜༺ Serial Killers Just Fascinate Me. I'm Not Even Interested In The Killings Themselves, But Rather The Killers As People. What Went Through Their Mind, Why They Did It, And What They Had To Say Afterwards. It's ALL Just Fascinating!! ༻⚜༺ ❤️ ༻⚜༺

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Germans must ban ALCOHOL if they want to prevent further sex attacks

Large groups of Muslim men who congregated around the cathedral in Cologne on New Year's Eve are believed to be responsible for more than 520 sexual assaults and at least three rapes on women in the city

Three German police officials have put their careers in jeopardy by daring to go public with their firsthand accounts of the nonwhite refugee-crime wave which is sweeping Germany as a…

N.Y. BOMBER TIED TO CIA’S AL-AWALAKI Rahami followed known CIA asset

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Raped German politician admits lie over her attackers' nationality

Selin Gören, who was attacked by three men in January in Mannheim where she works as a refugee activist

The ''Refugees'' in Europe , Act Like Disappointed Tourists Compilation - YouTube

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ISIS releases chilling video of Afghan refugee who went on axe rampage

The 17-year-old attacker, who has been named as Muhammad Riyad by ISIS, was gunned down by armed police after fleeing the scene near the city of Wurzburg, 70 miles north of Nuremberg last night