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Video: Hotel Door Chain Fail - A Funny Video on KillSomeTime

Viral Video Shows a Dog Chained On Top Of A Cage In A Fast Moving Car http://viralabout.com/viral-video-shows-a-dog-chained-on-top-of-a-cage-in-a-fast-moving-car/ The dog chained to the top of that cage, the picture was taken on Florida Interstate 95. The video started a wave of hate on Facebook. Brenna Cronin shared the video asked for help to identify the truck's owner. Later, the owner of the truck saw her post and replied back.

These days, there's no lack of boring social media videos from corporations out there trying to cash in on whatever it is those elusive millennials are into. But perhaps the formula for a quality *viral* video has been staring at us right in the face. Just insert a whole bunch of references The Simpsons. It's not the longest running animated series of all time, for nothing. Take this Facebook video from Australian supermarket chain Woolworths. It

Polar Bear Kills and Eats Chained Sled Dog! The Recent Viral Video of a Massive Polar Bear Cuddling a Tethered Sled Dog Has Added a New Chapter!

A new viral video intended to promote kindness has launched a nationwide movement to help one homeless father and his young son. Leon Logothetis is a motivational speaker, philanthropist, and author of The Kindness Diaries. In October, Logothetis launched a YouTube video series called the #GoBeKind Tour, where he travels across the country performing small acts of kindness for deserving people in hopes of sparking a chain reaction. STORY: 5-Year-Old’s Touching Act of Kindness Toward…

Five-year-old Ardian Azka Mubarok smokes at his home on March 27, 2015. Perhaps you’ll recall that viral video a few years back of an obese Indonesian toddler chain-smoking cigarettes like a nicotine fiend. Some found it “funny” to see such a young kid puffing away like an old pro. Others were shocked and appalled. I mean, how could a toddler be a chainsmoker?! But the thing is, apparenlty seeing young children smoking is a very common sight in Indonesia and “public-health activists…

SHOCKING: Watch How Your Favorite Fast Food Chain Makes Their Burgers! - http://inewser.com/shocking-watch-favorite-fast-food-chain-makes-burgers/

Après avoir reçu des commentaires insultants sur sa peau, la YouTubeuse Em Ford, qui gère la chaîne My Pale Skin, a publié cette vidéo forte qui met en lumière le poids des réseaux sociaux sur l’image que nous avons de nous. | Une YouTubeuse insultée après avoir montré son visage au naturel

Starbucks has become embroiled in a debate around Donald Trump after two supporters claimed they were mistreated by staff due to their political allegiances. The coffee chain started to trend on Twitter with the hashtag #TrumpCup after a Starbucks employee allegedly called police on a customer for requesting the name "Trump" on his coffee cup. In the second case, a video of Trump supporter David Sanguesa berating a Starbucks barista for allegedly refusing to serve him went viral.

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