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SATANIC SICK ILLUMINATI ELITE!!! Don't buy elite's illuminati satanic "fashion" crap what Illuminati controlled slave celebrities are spreading around...those celebrities are just little puppets of this sick pedophilian satanic elite and usually under mind control nazi cia programs or totally voluntarily sold their soul to satanism for fame and money...and full of demons and bad things.

Illuminati Luciferian elite & Satanic Fashion Agenda///NWO agenda/// Occultic symbolism - they spread their cruel agendas via fashion

Kendall is wearing the Satanic Baphomet on her dress. Kylie is wearing the same image on her dress. It's all across the front, it's just more subtle but it's plain to see. Who do serve, who are you promoting and whom are you selling out to. God says man cannot serve two masters...Money & fame...You can't promote Satan's Fashion for your own greed for money & fame and serve God also. So which is it?


black, black, black, grunge goth biatch.....if i could pull this off, that would be dope

Glorious Goth. Pretty sure this is a human!Impala cosplay. But I want that jacket.