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These are most of her amazing art work. Hope mine will be as good as hers some day I LOVE HER WORK

Everday app by Ink Ration

Everday app

Designing a full-featured app for daily life management that will guarantee its users make the most of every day right away!

Aries: During an argument, an Aries will demand for an immediate explanation and the fastest solution. While at the heat of the moment, they may place all the blame onto the other person but once they...

I love this intro to the show Marco Polo! Images are made with water and then drops of ink are added, which spread only to the water image. (Image from the Netflix Marco Polo series.


Love the coloring and realism of this tattoo. The bottom flower color is on point. I'd like that color for my wild geranium.

LOVE AND LEAVE                                                       …                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Rose tattoo outline with red ink



Bill is watching by Rozenng

Back to traditional ! I missed my inks and watercolors ! I wanted to do a fanart of gravity falls since sooo long and finally I did it ! I love al.

*DRAMA* as they announce the prom king and queen, the lights go out and everyone starts to scream. Thirty seconds later, black, smelly oil has dropped on the selected king and queen, and everyone is quiet

Black and white ink art pattern