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Микола Леонтович.Він — ніби різьбяр у музиці, що творить найтонші музичні вартості, неначе мережива із шовку. Його техніка … настільки «ажурна», ніби тонка різьба із золота, прикрашена самоцвітним камінням. Леонтович бере невеличку річ … і так вичеканить, що просто диву даєшся: маленьку простеньку мелодію він розгорне на широку картину з безліччю найрізноманітніших фарб За висловом Кирила Стеценка

Mykola Leontovych - Ukrainian composer, choral conductor, public figure and teacher. His treatment of "Shchedryk" is known worldwide as a christmas carol «Carol of the Bells

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Pretty accurate.

Pretty accurate.

Married To the Sea comic: the stoned origin of species * Text: what if everything else like evolved from something else like it used to be a tree and then it has tree kids and they turn into some weed or an apple damn i could really go for five apples

The stoned origin of species (Comic by Married To The Sea)

Comic by Married To The Sea: the penguin and the polar bear

Married To The Sea - comics by Drew & Natalie Dee - Updates daily at midnight

You can't tell me God doesn't work in mysterious ways...

This 39 years old Spainard was happily carnal relations with a chicken when both, he and the bird, werw crushed by a huge rock. Ironically, his thrusting likely caused the boulder to dislodge in the first place.

oh, the later it gets, the funnier it gets - also beer.  *tear of laughter*

And the angel said to him, Stop hitting yourself! But he could not stop, for the angel was hitting him, with his own hands. give it to God all of you.