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Take the guesswork out of your skincare. With SKINSHIFT we are looking to your DNA for the answers! Your DNA your skincare!

Dr. Harper talks with Marianna Hewitt of

Skin Shift Genetic Testing & Personalized Skin Care on The Doctors

Skin Shift Genetic Testing & Personalized Skin Care on The Doctors. #Skinshift #SkinshiftQ

How A DNA Test Can Help You Get Perfect Skin

Vitamin-C and some derivatives have been traditionally used as active ingredients to brighten the complexion because they are known to inhibit the formation of melanin. Studies have shown that STAY-C® 50 reduces the melanogenesis in primary human melanocytes by 57 percent. A personalized SKINSHIFT DNA Analysis report will tell you whether or not you are at high risk in any one of five skin health categories.

Want gorgeous skin? All it takes is a simple DNA swab! Our fast and easy DNA test tells you exactly what skin care products will (and won't) work for you, based on YOUR own DNA. How customized and personalized is that? Try it! Stop wasting money on skin care that doesn't work -- take the Skinshift DNA test now ($299).

Q momentum: "If you or someone you know has sensitive skin, acne, Rosacea or similar issues, I highly recommend you get your DNA analysis done. Use skincare products personalized for your skin. SKINSHIFT helps to correct the look and feel of your skin!"

Dr. Ruthie Harper Talks About SKINSHIFT, A Personalized Skin Care Routine with Marianna Hewitt of

Louis Berk - Very excited to be showing off our revolutionary system Skinshift by Qivana that utilizes your genetic blueprint to build a personalized skin care regimen.