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Motion Infographic of House Lock

Motion Infographic of House Lock Quito - Ecuador Directed by: Mauricio Navas & Gustavo Castellanos Written by: Mauricio Navas Graphic design and Concept art: Gustavo Castellanos Animation: Mauricio Navas Sound Design: Mauricio Navas

This Graphic Shows What Happens to Your Social Accounts When You Die

This Graphic Shows What Happens to Your Social Accounts When You Die

Facebook may have more than billion monthly active users, but WebpageFX examined the fates of those users who are now permanently inactive due to death, noting that some 30 million of the social network’s users passed away during its first eight years.

This stop motion ani­ma­tion was cre­ated by Alfalfa Studios for Kate Spade in cel­e­bra­tion of the color choco­late brown, as part of their Year of Color cam­paign.

Nobody knows what we do... so, a homage to every editor out there in those dark rooms creating art with moving images. Direction, Design, Animation – Dave Penn Sound Design – James Locke-Hart Script – Paddy Bird & Dave Penn

This is You. A piece that tells people about a great place to work, and reminds Herman Miller employees they've already found one. Animation: Karin Fong with Imaginary Forces Music/Mix: Comma/Particle in Chicago

Love a brand with a point-of-view. Sounds simple yet we see so little of it. This is pure "humanising brands." "No Noise at Selfridges"