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Hilary Duff Sued Over Car Accident

We bet Hilary Duff could speed through this. The new mommy was hit with a lawsuit today accusing Duff of crashing her Range Rover into another car in 2010 and causing serious injuries to the other driver.

"Have you ever been accused of being fake simply because you were nice to someone you don't like or who doesn't like you? Why do some people expect us to be nice ONLY to the people who we like and the people who are nice to us? I guess it doesn't occur to them that some of us love ourselves enough to NOT spend our days holding grudges and drowning in negative thoughts and emotions. Any anger, resentment and grudges against others will also hurt us. It's that simple."

Anxiety, Worry, and Peace, Siesta *Verse 2*

Don't worry about tomorrow, God is already there. No problem is too complicated, or too difficult for Him, so place everything in His hands, and He will handle all of your problems. Rest peacefully, for everything will work out to your benefit, He will quiet your accusers, and silence your enemies. He will make all the wrongs right. Just trust in Him............. Angela from

Spring’s Hottest Tunic – 4 Must Have Colors

For real! Your supposed to love your step child but not more than their biological parent. You need to be involved in their life but you can't have any say, in the decisions that are made that ultimately do affect you. You must do everything by the book which was written by someone else. Very liberating to no longer give a shit about what anyone else thinks of me. YSAL