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You can join the First Nation Ministries team in a variety of ways: 1. Prayer; It is only through the power of God that we will be effec...

Your country needs you to pray! Your prayers are powerful and can have a national and even global effect. Here are 5 Reasons Christians Should Pray for Their Nation.

God's 27 million PEOPLE trapped in slavery. Be the one who ends its. Go to to see how you can help.

༺♥༻ Would you like answers to life's big questions? has the bible & bible study aids (to read, watch, listen & download) available in 700+ (sign languages included) languages. These aids are designed to be used with your bible. All of these are at no charge.

I want to whisper to them excitedly each morning, “Look, Jesus.” I want them to see Jesus. In my life. In my actions. Lifted High. Magnified. In our neighbors, no matter how sick or dirty. In our home. I want the best for my children, I do. And I believe with all my heart what is best is for them to have a mother – a crazy mother even – wide-eyed in wonder, recklessly chasing after her Savior

Worn out!? 💆🏽 1)Slow down 2)Prioritize(do most important first) 3)Avoid distractions 4)Put margin in life(plan flexibility) 5)Renew mind(read the Word) 6)Set mind on things above 7)Remember place of joy(praise Jesus) 8)Let go of perfection 9)Enjoy life 10)Rest ☁️✨📖💖 "Thou wilt shew me the path of #life :in Thy presence is fulness of #joy ;at Thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.My #soul , #wait thou only upon God;for my expectation is from Him."(Psalm16:11; 62:5) #Christians…