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Community Post: The Best Harry Potter Humor On Tumblr

Showed this to my sister, now it's on our list of things we can laugh and talk about for hours.

Wow, I just realized how corny my sense of humor is that I actually found this funny

I love how he turned that one back, because if he ever said that and meant it, I would never look at him the same way again.

Pan does not appreciate your humor << okay THAT is funny! I love once apon a time

Like c'mon! if i didn't raise my hand that means i don't know the answer or i just don't like this class and i don't want to talk

Star Wars humor. (FYI, I also want this on the top of my casket. I know that sounds weird, but I don't care!)

loved this scene in the movie. Simon is so funny

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Inspiration for Creatives

:) I love this! (For those who don't know, #000000 is the hexadecimal color for black, and #FFFFFF is the one for white.)