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I made this joke to my friend yesterday. We had a class work word search with "Great Depression" as one of the words. When I found it I told her "Hey I found you" and she said "is it the Great Depression??" And I said "heh yes it is" then after that I hugged her and told her that I apologize and I love her so much you're beautiful my child mim I love you. Then I accidentally found the word "girl" and said "hey it you" and she said "are you assuming me gender?" Bless her.

US History Humor << Haha, I moved to Virginia 3 months ago xD I don't know why that's so funny to me xD

Don't try and tell me that's the only reason i love him! There is more than that! Alot more!❤️

nice I've never met a SINGLE person who doesn't like Harry Potter now that I think ab... - Humor Addicted by http://www.dezdemonhumor.space/harry-potter-humor/ive-never-met-a-single-person-who-doesnt-like-harry-potter-now-that-i-think-ab-humor-addicted/

Every time i watch Goblet of Fire i replay that scene about 394 times.... i love adults who talk to me about Harry Potter and aren't like oh that's for kids.... I can have a 4 hour discussion about Harry Potter i mean, it HArry Potter...

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