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东莞市 Dongguan City

ZHAO YUNLEI PREPARES FOR CUP! One of badminton's favourite female players is preparing for yet another Surdiman Cup. This Li-Ning event is set to be played in Dongguan, China May 10th - 17th! Stay tuned here for the best pics and news! Like her N60 badminton racket? It's rare but you can find it here at Be Bold | Achieve More ‪#‎MakeTheChange‬!

WONDER WOMEN! With back-to-back world championship titles & an Olympic Gold medal under their belts, these Li-Ning wonder women are the best WD players on earth! Zhao Yunlei plays with our Windstorm N60 badminton racket & Tian Qing plays with our Flame N55II badminton racket. Find them ON SPECIAL at participating dealers or online at Be Bold | Achieve More # MakeTheChange!

HOT MD TEAM! Team mates FHF and Z-NAN face world #1 ranked Lee Yong Dae and Yoo Yeon Seong tomorrow at the World Championships. We've got our money on the Li-Ning boys. Who do you think will take this EPIC match and why? FHF plays with our TurboCharging N9 badminton racket and Z-Nan with our N7 badminton racket. Find them on special now at Be Bold | Go Beyond ‪#‎MakeTheChange‬!

BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! Li-Ning Jump Smash 2015 will be released soon! Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds & play on the court & on your smart phone! Find more information about Jump Smash here: & Li-Ning badminton products here: Be Bold | Go Beyond ‪#‎MakeTheChange‬!

DKI Jakarta

MA & XU PREVAIL! Jin MA and Chen XU prevailed winning the XD GOLD at the 2015 Indonesian Open against world and Olympic champions Z-Nan and Zhao Yunlei! SWEET WIN! Find their Li-Ning badminton equipment here at Be Bold | Aim Higher ‪#‎MakeTheChange‬!

WINDSTORM 700 BACK IN STOCK! The WindStorm 700 badminton racket is part of the Extra Skill Series and is a light weight racket for players with fast racket speed and quick hands play style. It's back in stock & selling out FAST...AGAIN! Visit your local dealer or Be Bold | Go Beyond #MakeTheChange!

WINDSTORM CAUSES SERIOUS DAMAGE! The all new Windstorm 500 badminton racket has arrived! It’s part of the Extra Skill Series and is a premium LIGHT WEIGHT racket for players with FAST RACKET SPEED and QUICK HANDS! Beware! This Windstorm badminton racket will cause SERIOUS damage to your competition! Find it at your local dealer or visit: Be Bold | Achieve More ‪#‎MakeTheChange‬!

Vintage Badminton Rackets - Collection of 6

FOUR CALLING BIRDS! On the 4th day of Christmas my true love gave to me...4 calling birds! MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Li-Ning Badminton team! For the largest section of badminton birds in North America visit #AnythingIsPossible #MakeTheChange!