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What Kind of Clothing Do Russians Wear?

An eHow article that gave changes in fashion before, during, and after the revolution. A good introduction to fashion in the time period and also gave the reasons behind many of the changes.

from Etsy

Marie Antoinette era 1700's French Revolution fashion plates domino digital collage sheet 1x2 inch 25mm x 50mm gown bows powdered wig

Here we have a "chemise a la reine" made famous by Marie Antoinette who caused a scandal by being painted wearing a simple white muslin dress. Poor Marie :-(. This was popular in the 1780s and was often worn with a colored silk sash.

This 18th Century French Fashion Plate shows how fashions were altered during the Revolution to reflect political beliefs. These ladies are clearly Republicans, with their tricolor striped gowns and cockades pinned to their hats and the bodices of their walking dresses.