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Rare Audrey Hepburn — Audrey hepburn circa 1952. Copyrights @thedottis...

Those who don't remember their history are condemned to repeat it...take the time to read and learn "The Constitution" and "Bill of Rights". It is incumbent on YOU to be educated and informed. Don't just accept the regurgitated pap from media pundits and lifetime politicos. Question EVERYTHING!

Disneyland back in the day. Notice the Submarine - was a neat ride

Once, when I was 13 and SO ANGSTY, we went on a hike here. I listened to a mix tape with "Take My Breath Away" on repeat on my little secondhand Walkman the whole time.

Gertrude Stein with her poodle "Basket." Living in Paris.

Quivers rug by Luke Irwin. via the designer's site

Chronically Vintage: Wonderful Wednesday Recipes: Crème fraiche, Sweet Corn & Tuna Penne

Love this beautiful photo of Audrey Hepburn