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Racist Man Slaps & Spits at Elderly Black woman, Called Her Rosa Parks, He Didn't Realize That She Was A Cook County Judge!!!!!

Allah, a.k.a. Clarence 13X, (born Clarence Smith) was a former student of Malcolm X and in 1964 founded the Five-Percent Nation of Islam. Clarence 13X broke from The Five-Percent Nation after a theological dispute with the Nation's leaders over the nature and identity of God. Specifically, Clarence 13X denied that the Nation's biracial founder Master W. Fard Muhammad was Allah and instead taught the black man was himself God personified.

Kim Phuc was pictured in a world-famous and iconic photograph from the Vietnam war, running naked from an airborne attack, horribly burned with napalm, in June of 1972. Since then, Kim has found peace, and a message she can offer, borne of her suffering. She runs The Kim Foundation International, and she acts as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNESCO. She has transformed into a viable, visible symbol of peace and hope. Hers is an important story of resilience, courage, and forgiveness.

Rosa Lee Ingram & her 2 sons received the death penalty in 1948 for murdering a white landowner in rural Georgia. Civil Right activist represented them as an example of the emerging Cold War Politics. In 1947 Ms Ingram was angrily approached by John Stratford about livestock that roamed onto his property. Mr Stratford sexually attacked her. As she fought him off her teenage sons stuck him with farm equipment. Their case was appealed & their sentences were reduced to life in prison.