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The Imperial State Crown was originally made for Queen Victoria in 1838. Many of the gems in this beautiful crown are of very ancient origin, whilst others count their age by centuries or even by decades...bearing in the front the second largest portion of the Star of Africa (the Cullinan 2 diamond or Lesser Star of Africa - 317.40 carats); it was given to Edward VII, who had it set in the crown.

Holland - Willhelm II crown 1840 - Monarchs usually take an oath on Constitution at Amsterdam's Nieuwe Kerk... Since Dutch constitutional monarchs are not physically crowned they never actually wear the crown. The crown was created in 1840 for King Willem II. William II and his successors chose not to wear it, but to leave it on a special table during the ceremony when both king and parliament take the oath. The crown was used in royal funerals.

Crown of Christian V, the official crown that was used for the anointments of Danish absolute monarchs until the end of absolutism in 1849, gold, diamonds and rubies

St Edward’s Crown was made in 1661 for the coronation of Charles II, because the original Crown Jewels had been melted down by Oliver Cromwell. It takes it’s name from the crown of Edward the Confessor that was used to crown the monarchs from William I to King John.

Crown of William II The Crown of William II, also known as the Hohenzollern Crown, is the 1888 crown made for William II, Emperor of Germany, in his role as King of Prussia. A Crown of the German Empire was never made. It was only used for heraldic purposes.

Reconstituton de la couronne de Charles V, roi de France de 1364 à 1380. La couronne authentique fut monnayée, pierre apès pierre, sous le règne de Charles VI, afin de faire face aux difficultés financières dues à l'envahissement de la France par les Anglais. La reconstitution a nécessité 1 600 heures de travail.