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세계가 직면한 위기 가운데 하나는 식량 문제다. 전 세계 인구가 폭발적으로 늘어나는 데 비해 식량 생산 능력은 이를 따라가지 못해 기아가 발생하는 것. 이런 해결책 중 하나로 주목 받는 게 벌레다. 의외로 벌레는 좋은 단백질 공급원이다. 이런 이유로 벌레를 식용으로 이용하기 위한 연구가 활발하게 진행 중이다. 팜432(Fram 432)는 이런 식용 벌레를 432시간을 주기로 양식할 수 …

For those of us involved in agriculture sometimes we look at the things we see on the internet and yearn for something that wholly describes who we are and what we do. As those of us involved in production agriculture make up less and less of the population (currently we are lower than 1%), it’s always a great feeling when ...

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Gallery of Value Farm / Thomas Chung - 2

Value Farm, China, 2013 | By Thomas Chung The project intersects issues of urban transformation, architecture and urban agriculture with an international cultural event, and explores the possibilities of urban farming in the city and how that can integrate with community-building. It forms part of the Shenzhen Hong Kong Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture 2013, within Ole Bouman’s Value Factory located at the Shekou Former Guangdong Glass Factory in Shenzhen.

Female-focused agricultural books are few and far between, but this book more than makes up for the dearth.

Exactly why a basic ag ed class should be required!

Apps for all of your homesteading, farming and gardening needs

#Farming: Harvesting lavender fields... there are few things as beautiful, picturesque and fragrant as a field of lavender in full bloom... intoxicating.

Urban Farming: How to Turn a 1/3 Acre Garden into a $75,000 Yearly Income!

Farming humor. Yup that's me! (The wife part)

toxic plants to keep away from your livestock

toxic plants to keep away from your livestock