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emmesimblr:THE SIMS 4 90s CHOKER by emme ❤️ (I’m back!) Tattoo for Female and Male - Teen to Elder -You can find my sims in the Gallery with the tag #emmesimblr or #emmesims ❤️DOWNLOADCredits:-Sweater by Me [x]-Other CC credit HERE ❤️

Give Me Glow Cosmetics * Liquid Lipstick * for the appearance of lipstick should be - Supplement “ fun together ” - 18 colors. - Works with all skins. - Yes- Custom CAS image. Tag ME if you use it. Enjoy the game! DOWNLOAD If you have any problems...

pastel-sims: “ ♥ Galaxy Face Markings! (More? I know right.) Found under ‘skin details.’ ♥ DOWNLOAD ♥ Do not steal my work or upload it to ANY pay sites. ♥ If you take a photo wearing my cc, please tag me and I will reblog you! I follow this tag:...

Sugarpill Frill - These do not replace any of the default colours. They are their own separate clothing item in CAS.

SIMPLE RINGSJust some random multiple rings for your female sims. DOWNLOAD: [ SIMFILESHARE ] If you use please tag #simpliciaty in your pics! Thank you! ♥

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