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Spring Onions: Put the roots underwater, preferably in a clear glass with good lighting. Within a few days, it will start growing and you can transfer to soil.

It's only fair to share...Many foods have that magical ability to regrow themselves. Some of these foods are to be regrown again, but there are some that require a bit larger commitment. However you...

Unbeknownst to many gardeners, there are vegetables you can regrow just by taking cuttings, continually harvesting, or using the tops. Makes for much quicker growing time, check it out!

Eating healthy is an absolute must for me and my family. Unfortunately, the costs of produce can also add up quickly, especially if you prefer to eat organ

For all those who love gardening it is time to setup a cute adorable, refreshing kitchen garden. Yes they are pretty easy to setup and with some creative ways of presenting them they will give quit…

Тархун, или Эстрагон — и в салат, и в напиток. Уход, выращивание, размножение. Применение. Фото - Ботаничка.ru

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Recycling spoons, into dragonflies. What s beautiful idea! Can find them cheap at thrift store, instead of destroying family airlooms!

Glitter bottles. Create your theme with different color combos: blue/snowflakes, red/pink/hearts, pink/white/tiara, red/green Christmas, brown/gold/reindeer, superheroes....etc. Make and gift for kids? 😉