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The photos on the left are screen shots from an press conference in August 1966, the ones are the right are screen shots from an interview in June 1967. They most definitely look like two different people...if you watch the actual video footage (available on Youtube) you can also hear that the voices are different...

"For those who do not believe in Paul's replacing double" -- this is a video I found on Youtube that gives a very good comparison of various photos of Paul McCartney....

from BuzzFeed

19 Things Only Beatles Fans Will Find Funny

Researchers have proven through extensive study of photographs that the Paul McCartney before late 1966 is not the same man as after late 1966. Another researcher has proven through voice print analysis that there are 3 different voices identified as "Paul McCartney" on different Beatles' songs. (I have pinned the details of each of these studies previously on my board.) Look at this photo -- the left side is after 1967, the right side before. The eyes do NOT look the same!

What did George mean -- what exactly WAS he talking about? Could it possibly be....? Tavistock Institute's Faul McCartney/ Faux Paul.