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paul vs faul conspiracy

Paul Mcartney on David Letterman show chatting about the paul is dead rumour and his relationship with Michael Jackson.

I think this is hysterical! from http://pid.hoop.la/displayForumTopic/content/250816187843941325# "Paul is Dead - Miss Him: The Lie Fauls Apart: Video & Photo Comps of Paul & Faul" - this site is an excellent source of pohotographic "proof" that Paul McCartney was replaced in late 1966

Paul Really Is Dead: Undeniable Proof that Paul McCartney was replaced with a Look-Alike: Part 1 of Facial Comparison: Getting A Reference. THE REAL BEATLE.

Chapter 11 talks about factoids: facts not backed up by any evidence. There was no evidence of Paul McCartney dying in 1966 but people were looking for proof by playing their records backwards and searching for evidence that could back up the story.

I am re-pinning each of these "clues" -- I have pinned them twice before but with almost 600 pins on this board it's easy for them to get buried, and I want to be sure that all that are interested see them.....

What did George mean -- what exactly WAS he talking about? Could it possibly be....? Tavistock Institute's Faul McCartney/ Faux Paul.

Researchers have proven through extensive study of photographs that the Paul McCartney before late 1966 is not the same man as after late 1966. Another researcher has proven through voice print analysis that there are 3 different voices identified as "Paul McCartney" on different Beatles' songs. (I have pinned the details of each of these studies previously on my board.) Look at this photo -- the left side is after 1967, the right side before. The eyes do NOT look the same!

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