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Independence day gag #01 ☁️Chibidora☁️

Independence day gag #02 ☁️Chibidora☁️

Independence day gag #03 ☁️Chibidora☁️

Norway's aurora dancing ☁️Chibidora☁️

Shortly...They're all noisy. That's all. ☁️Chibidora☁️

These time I often see "How to make sushi" gag in several styles so I wanna try this too. Arthur-kun, you're the (bad)lucky one. I choose you! ☁️Chibidora☁️

Norway as Snow queen Elsa Let it troll! ❄️Chibidora❄️

Someone told me that it's possible that Finland and Russia are brothers. So I tried drawing this and see...Maybe...maybe... ☁️Chibidora☁️

HETALIA - Allies set