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Time to hit the pub with Ford!

For portrayals of disability don’t just improve by employing actually disabled actors. The films need to be scripted, directed and produced by people with disabilities too. Because one thing’s for certain, if people who had even the slightest first-hand experience of disability were making films like The Theory of Everything, it’s pretty unlikely we’d see Stephen Hawking picking up a biro as a valid, meaningful or even respectful conclusion.

This is Deep Thought. Apparently, a long time ago, this computer designed and built Earth to find out the essential question of life, the universe, and everything. Because the answer it gave (42) wasn't acceptable. Rubbish.

Картинки по запросу автостопом по галактике

Apparently they are building a new Earth. I'm honestly taken away. The chance to see my home again, to meet my old friends again possibly, it would be nice...

Time to start crash coursing the galaxy... Oh my.....

They destroyed my house!! Everything I own... gone?

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