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They blew up Earth... my home D;

Bit o' Background here: we got shot off into space by the Vogons. Apparently they didn't like our analysis of their poetry too much. We were literally about to die, but this thing saved us! Thank God, but I honestly have no clue what is going on anymore.

Got caught by the Vogons and now have to listen to their poetry. The guide says it is the third worst poetry ever created. Please let us survive.... please...

They're trying to destroy my house! What?!!?

Apparently they are building a new Earth. I'm honestly taken away. The chance to see my home again, to meet my old friends again possibly, it would be nice...

This is Deep Thought. Apparently, a long time ago, this computer designed and built Earth to find out the essential question of life, the universe, and everything. Because the answer it gave (42) wasn't acceptable. Rubbish.

Happened to meet this guy while wandering around Magrathea... he seems like a nice fellow... I would hope.

Please God someone get me a cup of this.