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When the 3 Muslims were killed in Chapel hill Obama said, No one should be targeted because of their faith! " When these Christian students were targeted because of their faith Obama said, "Guns are the problem!" --Pastor Ward Clinton

Dennis Linthicum - Pro-Life, Family Man, Christian ~ Oregon

Oregon town freaks out over astrology class fearing it will lead to ‘Satanism’ and baby sacrifices 9/21/16

Aaron and Melissa Klein ordered not to talk publicly about their faith. I don't know if you've followed the case of Sweet Cakes by Melissa. This is

WATCH] Oregon Shooter’s Religion Has Been Fully Exposed, He is…… Read more at http://threepercenternation.com/2015/10/watch-oregon-shooters-religion-has-been-fully-exposed-he-is/

FINALLY, JUSTICE! Oregon Democrat Who Fined Christian Bakery for $144,000 Just Received This TERRIBLE NEWS

AMEN! Oregon Democrat who put Christian bakers out of business gets served JUSTICE

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