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Declutter Your Mind: Eliminate Worry, Relieve Anxiety, and Stop Negative Thoughts

6 effective strategies for reframing your negative thoughts. Using positive thinking to overcome negative thinking and increase happiness and mental well being. | An excerpt from SJ Scott and BArrie Davenport's book, DECLUTTER YOUR MIND. Dealing with mental well being.

22 Secret Thoughts All Bookworms Have

Or you find out it's a book later and feel dumb for not knowing that

Fight Overwhelm with a Brain Dump

Find out how to organize your thoughts and to-do's when you're so overwhelmed you don't know where to start.

Italian Cream Cake

Italian cream cake is southern enough to make you say "honey","y'all" and "I do declare this is good!" without giving it a second thought. via @The Country Contessa

Squashing Your ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts). Worksheet for understanding triggers of negative thoughts, emotions & behaviors.

22 Secret Thoughts All Bookworms Have

This exchange happens on a daily basis.

What I Wish My Younger Self Knew About God-Sized Approval

God-sized approval is unique It washes over our souls...wish I would have known long before poor choices and identifying as not good enough.

How I Live a Life Without Cheese: Thoughts, Ideas, & Recipes for a Dairy-Free Diet

How I Live a Life Without Cheese. It really is possible! Thoughts, ideas, and 50+ recipes for a dairy-free diet.

10 Life-Altering Baby Care Hacks

2017.... Resolution.... #USorELSE #LetterToTheSystem OUT ERRRWHERE!!!!