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Shannan Click - Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011

Sweet as sugar, hard as ice. It doesn't make me a man-hating feminist. It makes me a strong, smart woman who deserves respect, but still loves fiercely and gives freely.

Whoever wrote that saying is a bad bitch!!!! With a short temper... #crazybitchesthesedays

...pretty sure this could be good or bad, since I am a bitch, I'll go with the latter...

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Fitness Motivation

Truthfully, those who know me love and admire me for these qualities - and they don't think I'm a b****, either!

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9 totally rad cool-girl candles

Bad-Ass Bitch CandleJust because you're a leather-rocking, sharp-witted, badass bitch doesn't mean that you can't use a candle to make your apartment smell like a tropical paradise. Add some cheekiness to your home this wonderfully vulgar piece of decor and choose it in "any scent you f'in want" (aka vanilla or coconut).Ms. Betty's, Original Bad-Ass Bitch candle, $18, available at Emerging Thoughts.

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You’re just somebody that I used to know (30 photos)

being lead on for this long sucks… if he doesn't like me he just needs to put that out there so I can move on fully. if he does like me… frikin tell me cuz that would make life easier!!!!-_-

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challenge accepted!

How I Met Your Mother "som'bitch" cookies on peanut butter chocolate chip caramel cookies! HIMYM

She was late for the show; BUT she's gorgeous and amazing, so it's okay! LOVE RIHANNA!

New Apartment Checklist! | Moving out on your own and into your first apartment? Here's a checklist of the household necessities!