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Mumbai: Officials with the nonprofit Simon Wiesenthal Center praised Twitter on Monday for increasing efforts to thwart Islamic State's use of its pla

Social Media Jihad: Islamic State ramps up gruesome Internet campaign -- "The Islamic State is proving highly adept at using 21st century technology to lead the Middle East back to the Middle Ages..."

10-16-2015: The assault is part of a broader operation to disrupt the ability of the Islamic State to generate revenue to support its military operations.

{ ISIS IS ATTACKING THE U.S. ENERGY GRID } #CNNMoney .... "The Islamic State is trying to hack American electrical power companies -- but they are terrible at it.".... http://money.cnn.com/2015/10/15/technology/isis-energy-grid/index.html?section=money_technology

Anonymous swaps Isis propaganda site for Prozac ad in trolling fight | Technology | The Guardian

BOMBSHELL: Military Report Shows How Obama ARMED the “Islamic State”---In fact, Obama himself is responsible for the rise of the Islamic State, and for the fearsome and technologically advanced weaponry they wield. To fully understand how Obama armed the Islamic State, we must go back to Libya in 2012, before the Benghazi attack.

Munich Shooter Not Connected With Islamic State Or Refugees | World News, Science, Technology, Health & Much More...

Tensions between Shia and Sunni Muslims are likely to give groups such as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria room to operate even as the threat from Islamist extremism spreads out and becomes more technologically sophisticated, according to a new report. The report by the Bipartisan Policy Center released Tuesday found that even as the threat from the main al Qaeda group that launched the Sept. 11 attacks has diminished, the presence of that group and its allies has stretched from nine to…

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