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The Ridges Lunatic Asylum

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How To Build A Doomsday Family Bunker

apocalypse bunker made from a former missile-silo, these could be a good idea, purchase them around the country if your a millionaire and have nice rest points for you travels during the z end of days lol #bunkerplans

Prehistoric Archaeological Site - Shetland, Scotland

The Gregg-Crites house, also known as the M. M. Crites house, is an octagon house located in Circleville, Ohio, on Route 23 just south of town. It was built by George Gregg between 1855 and 1856. It was originally built several miles away, but when Wal-mart bought the land it stood on, Circleville citizens took up a collection to have it moved. It is still sitting empty, despite its historic significance.

Modern ruins

Tower Bridge (London) in ruins. From a photoshop competition asking entrants to imagine our world after the collapse of civilisation.

Googles new messenger app Allo introduces personal assistent with big implications for brands [@SmartInsights Alert]

Abandoned Victorian Tree House

The play house of a lifetime. Explored this nearby place with my husband and teenage kids. Love abandoned sites and their sad tales. Located in brooksville, fl. With vaulted ceilings and decorative wall paper, and bedrooms, this 3 story miniature house has a full kitchen with a refrigerator and dual stair way up to the entrance . It is located just at the back of the abandoned main house, which holds it's own stories.

beyer castle south bend indiana - Google Search This is the place. I mean it guys, it's PERFECT. O.o And best of all, it's in South Bend Indiana, a place very near where I was born, and right in the area where almost all my extended family is. It's absolutely PERFECT!!!!! :D :D :D I HAVE MADE UP MY MIND!!!! <3 <3 <3