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DIY Healing and Wellness Crystal GridThis post shows how to create a crystal grid for healing and wellness starting with your specific goal or intention, then choosing crystals and stones that match your intention. Go to the link to see when, where,...

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No Garden? Here Are 66 Things You Can Can Grow At Home In Containers « Dr Akilah El – Celestial Healing Wellness Center

An Imbolc tradition is that of visiting clootie wells. Clootie wells (also Cloutie or Cloughtie wells) are places of pilgrimage in Celtic areas. They are wells or springs, almost always with a tree growing beside them, where strips of cloth or rags have been left, usually tied to the branches of the tree as part of a healing ritual. In Scots nomenclature, a "clootie" or "cloot" is a strip of cloth or rag.

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