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from Silver Lined Days

21 Ways to Balance Your Chakras

Feeling out of balance? Here are 21 simple ways to clear your chakras throughout the week. reiki healing | reiki | how does reiki work | reiki benefits | chakras | holistic healing | lightworker | spirituality | manifestation | manifest | holistic health | alternative medicine | meditation | mindfulness | energy healing

Ladies, enjoy a complimentary distance Reiki session! law of attraction | positive thinking | reiki | holistic wellness | holistic healing | holistic health | motivation | inspiration | chakras | holistic

from Silver Lined Days

5 Great Podcasts for Your Holistic Wellness

Trying to live a high vibrational lifestyle? Get the latest holistic strategies when you’re running errands and cleaning the house. These podcasts cover simple energetic solutions to help you thrive in the silver linings of your toughest challenges on the mental, emotional and even physical level. reiki healing | energy healing | holistic healing | chakra healing | law of attraction | spirituality | meditation tips | mindfulness | manifestation | inspirational quotes | positive quotes


8 Amazing & Affordable Life-Changing Retreats

8 Amazing & Affordable Life-Changing Retreats Travel Tips Tricks Hacks Gadgets, World Traveler, Wanderlust, Bucket List Trips, Family Vacation, Traveling Overseas, Adventure, Escape, Explore, Paradise, Turquoise Waters, Budget Trip, Health