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Human Anatomy Complete Atlas,

This poem starter is a great way to wrap up learning as well as to write about oneself. I've used it to wrap up Native Americans. Kids take the point of view of a culture region. For example. "I am a person of the Great Plains"

Fourth graders created rhythm poems! Groups had to figure out syllables, meters and how to perform each word correctly for each rhythm.

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Things to inspire stories, poems, thoughts, anything to write. Get the creative juices flowing! #write

More like they say "I don't want her to" and "She will fail (because they did)" lmao

Will do :-) I'm OCD & can't relax or leave for the day till my home in clean!!

trying to get over someone is the hardest thing you will ever have to do...

Something to do while you're just doing your daily do-da

Supernatural Workout. About to go watch all of the 1st season. No really. Feel the (salt and) burn. Everytime Dean & Cas exchange longing looks: 15 pushups---I'd be doing pushups the entire damn episode!!