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FEATURE: @arthoecollective talks “Lemonade”, black artists reclaiming appropriated music genres, and share their favorite art works from this week. http://www.afropunk.com/profiles/blogs/feature-art-hoe-collective-talks-lemonade-and-black-artists "In this album […] she reclaims these genres that have been so heavily whitewashed and scrubbed of their African American roots." picture credit: @Nitimueth

FEATURE: Art Hoe Collective talks “Lemonade” and black artists reclaiming appropriated music genres - AFROPUNK

The Days of Creation: The Third Day by Edward Burne-Jones - Google Search #inspire #art

Edward Burne-Jones - Days of Creation, the third day. He was an original member of The Artists Rifles.

Christian Marclay combines album covers to make something new.

Funny pictures about Album Cover Mashups. Oh, and cool pics about Album Cover Mashups. Also, Album Cover Mashups photos.

Music Methods for Young Children ~ incorporating movement, dance, singing, & instrumental use

Teaching Music to Kids - Orff, Kodaly, Suzuki, Dalcroze

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American Gothic Guitars, sculpture, timothy campbell 2010

American Gothic Guitars, sculpture, timothy campbell via Paulo Vergueiro FB and Jean Poythress Koon FB

Ah Xian (Chinese, lives in Australia) Porcelain casting, Appropriates styles and techniques of Ming Dynasty ceramics and Western portrait busts, Portraits/ cultural identity that explore ideas of "Chineseness"

Human Canvas Paintings - Ah Xian Creates Intricate Designs on Faces and Shoulders (GALLERY)

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40 Maori Tattoo Vorlagen und Designs

That's a beautiful little sea turtle tattoo.i love it but my dad would kill me