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2015 The Year Ahead Scott Kelly Time Magazine Cover. The Kelly brothers- one in orbit and one on Earth- will help us learn how humans change when they leave the planet.

"When Kelly lands back on terra firma, he’ll have broken two American records: one for the most consecutive days in space, and another for spending the most days in space, period (520)." We wish Scott Kelly a safe journey home! Definitely will miss his incredible photography from the ISS! Read more at http://gizmodo.com/watch-scott-kelly-and-mikhail-kornienko-plummet-to-eart-1762158022

On Tuesday, Scott J. Kelly is scheduled to return from the International Space Station, completing the longest stay in space for a NASA astronaut. Here are some ways to measure his mission.

51 Favourite Photos from Astronaut Scott Kelly's First Six Months in Space July 19, 2015: The Earth, Venus, Jupiter, and the Moon. Image credit: NASA/Scott Kelly

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly is returning to Earth tonight, wrapping up a 340-day-long stay aboard the International Space Station. It's the longest amount of time an American astronaut has lived in...

First ever flower grown in space makes its debut! Tweeted by Scott Kelly, January 16, 2016, NASA astronaut, grown at the International Space Station

51 Favourite Photos from Astronaut Scott Kelly's First Six Months in Space August 9, 2015: The Milky Way in all its dusty, gassy warped beauty. Image credit: NASA/Scott Kelly

This long shot of Japan, captured from 250 miles up, shows the profound impact technology is having on the face of our planet. It’s never truly dark anymore.

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