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from Etsy

Ivy Leaf Faerie Cuffs - felt cuffs- fairy cuffs - fairy accessory

Ivy Leaf Faerie Cuffs - with dragon-foot ivy!! It's like they were made for me!!! <3 LOVE!!!

A Demon Made Me Do It (Demonblood Series #1) by Penelope King,

Thing the time the Whiterun Guard said that to me, I was the Harbinger, Thane of WHITERUN, head honcho of the Thieves Guild, and a FREAKING NIGHTINGALE! AND YOU THINK I FETCH THE MEAD?!

♡ Gorgeous birdcage cupcakes made by my students today 今日のクラスも たくさんお話ししながらとっても楽しかったー❤️ Facebookにも写真一枚ずつアップしました Thank you for joining me xx お越しいただきありがとうございました♡

from Etsy

MegaMan 1up Boss Vinyl Sticker Pack (Set of 6)

In the year 20XX it seems only Megaman is allowed extra lives as he runs around. The system is corrupt and these 1up boss heads are here to balance things out. Iceman, Elecman, Gutsman, Fireman, Bombman, and Cutman deserve better. They deserve to have their face stuck for all to see. These are unique stickers made by me. They average around 1.5x2 with a glossy finish.

How to Get Noticed on Youtube! "How to Gain More Views and Subscribers on Youtube!" Smash the Like Button If you want more!! :D Subscribe: Follow Me on Twitter: Facebook Page: Facebook Add Me as a Friend: Get a Text Message Everytime I upload a Video!:…

YOUR VIBE ATTRACTS YOUR TRIBE Sometimes when you declare things to the universe- it will test you!! I made a decision that I was absolutely committed to being surrounded by people who were my tribe- people I FELT GOOD being around- people that really got me at soul level. So then the universe -as it does -tested me massively In a nutshell I had an experience with an old friend Someone I had known for years Someone who I had considered a very close friend Have you ever heard of the crabs…