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18K Gold Men's Diamond Wedding Band 0.84ct

Thanks to this particular tradition, however, jewelers have come to produce and maintain separate jewelry line for men, which includes the male engagement ring. Description from I searched for this on

Here’s a funny fact. Join your two hands as shown above. Let’s start : 1. The thumb represents your parents. Now try separating them apart, and they’ll easily open. They easily separate because you are not destined to live with your parents forever. Now join the two thumbs back together. 2. Next, separate your index fingers and they will open too because these fingers represent your siblings, and they’ll also lead their own lives in the future. 3. The middle…

Frame your vows and hang them!! I'm so glad I have a FUN and LOVING husband!! So affectionate and caring. He's my love

The groom writes all the things he loves about the bride, and she write all the things she loves about him! Perfect for the guest book table! I WILL DO THIS one day :) its soo sweet