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Nauczycielka kryptonim: NIE GADAJ!!

Video editing for my first ever video on my blog! Yikes! Move away comfort zone you are not allowed to steal my thunder. #videoblogging #blogging #videoproduction #video #videoshoot #videostarter #videotraining #bizvideo #videostar #show #editing #blogger #youtube #videoblog #videoset #videoblogger #cameraready #twitter #marketingtips

#milestone My resolution for the year was to be more active in YouTube. More than half the year has passed and I still need to buckle up. Despite the lull the growing list of followers is encouraging and reminds me of how this should not be another resolution I don't live up to. We quietly crossed 200 today and it is a big milestone in my opinion. An indication that I should work on more videos. There is one in progress and let me get back to it now. Meanwhile do follow my channel for some…

Astro Aspects June 16, 2012 Moon in Taurus but NOT void- relaxing day! #astrology #horoscope #saturday


JohnLiuOfficial 20160507 Team Meeting Not a Bad Day: #Vlog #YouTube @YouTube #Blog #Video #Story #Storytelling #JohnLiuOfficial #vlogger #VideoBlog

VIDEOBLOG] – Convictions are More Dangerous Enemies of Truth Than Lies - Nietzsche If we believe in something enough it becomes a truth for us, even if what we believe is not true. Once we know this, we can evaluate ourselves, our minds, & see what is true or not, lingering deep in our mind, and begin to change our realities. I have a really interesting view of PYRAMID SCHEMES at the end of this video – Check it out..

Piped Butter Cookies - really the most amazing cookie - they may not look like much, but the buttery taste, the crispness - YUM! Melt in your mouth.


One of Google AdWords latest updates includes ad level mobile bid control, not just campaign level. Woohoo!

INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2 - A WORLD FULL OF NOPE WARNING: spoilers, but not a lot of them, it's just me being scared! @YouTube #Vlog #videoblog #horror #movie

Learning the correct way to serve beer is probably the quickest and easiest thing a person can do to enhance their drinking experience. Ever remember being at a bar and getting handed an ordinary pint beer with absolutely no foam and the beer poured right up to the lip of the glass? If not, I ...