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Mirante do Pão de Açúcar

'There won't be victory without sweat... It's forever or never.' Adidas is preparing for the Olympics with some beautiful videos of athletes performing at some landmarks in Rio. #cycletour #fietseninrio #cyclinginrio

A Home in a Box What draws us to these homes? Is it because they were so affordable and yet so beautiful? Most of the homes in the Bungalow Heaven historic landmark district literally came out of the box. In the early 1900s, you could buy a bungalow kit from Sears Roebuck if you lived on the East coast or on the West coast from The Ready Cut Bungalow Company. These bungalow kit homes were priced from as little as 650 dollars Of course, the owners needed to throw in an extra 150 towards…

Appalachian Trail- Max Patch Bald NC It is a major landmark along the Tennessee/North Carolina section of the Appalachian Trail, although its summit is located in North Carolina. It is known for its 360 degree views of the surrounding mountains, namely the Bald Mountains in the immediate vicinity, the Unakas to the north, the Great Smokies to the south, and the Great Balsams and Black Mountains to the southeast.

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The Party Planning Guide

The Party Planning Guide | Parties are best when they can actually be enjoyed, even by the hostess

Even now that we’re getting the landmark status, none of that takes the blood, sweat, and tears away.

After all that damn delicious cake in Pittsburgh (thanks Michael!! and thanks Dan and Phil for being born!!) it's sweat time. bonus! xianjessen was doing the same thing on the other side of North America, so we became virtual workout partners! Yay f Check this out!

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Grand Central Oyster Bar

Grand Central Oyster Bar: Opened in 1913, the Grand Central Oyster Bar is a marvel to behold. With its vaulted, tiled ceilings, fresh seafood, and multiple little bars—including one behind swinging saloon doors—it’s a delight.

It's that simple.

* * SECRETARIAT ------------------- [Animal activists are now focusing on eradicating all sports where animals are used for mantypes' sole entertainment. Such as today's victory where Ringling Bros. Circus had its last performance of elephants! They then retired the grey guys to an animal sanctuary. Heard the hoopla on Public Broadcast Radio. People were in tears being interviewed. Said they were tears of joy. Landmark in history. See why petitions assist?