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Did y'all see the part about collars being popped? You did? Ok. Just checking.

the south.what I wouldn't give to once again sit on the front porch of the southern homes I grew up in with my Mama!

I am not from the south, but my mother was born there, and her mother, and her mothers mother and ...is. I have always loved the warmth and intimacy of the speech. I love hearing the question, in that slow drawl, "how is every little thing?" as if every moment of your day, no matter what it entails, is important.

The South. Well I wouldn't say all these are the South since I know I say a few of these things while Axel says I am wrong. I have never lived in the South ever!

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I grew up always being outside barefoot. I did! Still love to be barefoot. No socks and shoes for this girl. I remember how dirty my feet would be by the end of the day. A foot bath was always in order before bed,

I love this so much!! I'm proud to be from the south but some people destroy that image I love

can i get an AMEN? rednecks are everywhere. what most people refer to these days as a 'redneck' ain't even correct, (ty Jeff Foxworthy). btw, love me some REAL rednecks, PTL for em. but every Southerner ain't a Redneck.

To the girls who love big trucks, bonfires, and aren't afraid of getting dirty

To the girls who love big trucks, bonfires, and aren't afraid of getting dirty.this goes out to my daughter, all except the getting fury pay, lol!