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I'm back from hiatus a bit early! I'm feeling much better, and took some time to read a few good books and recharge. So...tell me. What have I missed while I was gone?

Merry early Christmas guys! By the way, I'm making an art board for Mlp fans! It's called ARTISTS OF EQUESTRIA! (Kinda my gift to u guys :p ) if you wanna join comment and I'll add you! PS:You have to be following me to join.Sorry!

I AM GIVING MYSELF UP AS A TARGET. My tumblr is littlevoodoodollwhysoserious Please use me as a target, I can handle it. Make up whatever you want about me.

Sister Dont Wake its too early to be "not if your rising sun please Luna join please rising the sin" FINE! but do be warned complaining when i'm sleeping we laughed at the im so lucky that im not at the moon again .... ~~~ Art by Katputze

Phew...after over 2 months I finally got it finished...~ Sorry for being too late and early but I hope you like and enjoy it~ ~*crashes, sleeping*~

hey guys the drawing crew yearly drawing is almost full! and thanks so much for asking question and dares! tell me the name of ur OC and just know ur OC can be enthing! and a image of your OC! thanks guys!

Next: The Cause ---- Stella: *walks into the main hall, smiling* Mom! Dad! I'm ho- *stops* Flash, Sunset, and Flare: *stop talking, all looking to her* Flash: Oh, hey Stelly! You're home early. Ste...