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200 from a class of angels called the watchers led by Semyaza came to earth in their merkabahs during the days of Jared, but defiled themselves with human women. Their children were giant hybrid abominations that took over the world. The fallen watchers taught their nephilim children many secrets of heaven and earth that we still can barely fath...

Five skulls were found that still exist in Ica, Peru, and Merida, Mexico. They have a brain cavity area ranging from 2200 CC to 3200 CC. Modern humans average 1450 CC in size with the largest human skull to date at 1980 CC. All these skulls have Neanderthal (post-flood humans) characteristics. They are huge in size and come from an unknown species according to science. In fact according to science they do not exist at all but for the fact that they are viewable today.

Who or what exactly are the “benei elokim”? Who are the “nephilim”? How are they related to each other? And what does it all mean?