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Otörstig, men vill ha mer

Water skylight - I have no idea what this website says but it made me wonder if I could create a cycling water fall down over our skylights. Could even use different color water for different effects.

Jellyfish chandelier. Imagine hundreds of these hanging from a ceiling in a large room, at different heights, forming a "bloom" (apparently, the name for a large group of them in one area!)

jean de lessard wraps Némeau seafood shop in quebec city. The key aspect of this element is the extraordinary bookcase aboard the Nautilus that Jean de Lessard has conceptualized and successfully integrated in his design. In one fluid motion, the striking honeycomb ceiling becomes a sweeping tsunami of shelves. This is a simple, practical and ingenious way to maximize the store area surface.

Creating visual and spatial continuity with nature....excellent modern habitat. When the sliding door are open,spaces are doubled...