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Explore Defeating Isis, Asad and more!

Media Silent About Russia Defeating ISIS In Syria And Giving It Back To Asad - YouTube

18 Cuban Propaganda Posters From The ‘60s And ‘70s

Day of the Heroic Guerrilla - 1968 | 18 Cuban Propaganda Posters From The ‘60s And ‘70s

Romney releases 2011 tax returns

89 Headline: Mitt Romney releases 2011 tax returns. 328 x 601. Caption: The GOP presidential nominee paid a 14.1 percent income tax rate in 2011. 9/21/12

The Mitt we've been waiting for

240 Headline: The Mitt Romney we've been waiting for. Large. Caption: Romney won on substance, optics, demeanor and emotion, the author writes. 10/4/12

427 Slideshow: 10 newspaper endorsements. Large. Caption: The Tennessean for Romney “Barack Obama was elected in 2008 with a call for hope and change. Perhaps the change he spoke of could only come with the help of Mitt Romney. Gov. Romney: This endorsement was not an easy decision […] Be the man who governed Massachusetts, and you’ll reunite America." 10/19/12

Nov. 7: The grim day after

192 Headline: Nov. 7: The grim day after. Large. No caption. 10/3/12