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Pool with automatic pool cover. Add additional layer of protection. Protect what matters.

Campaign to raise money for clean water.

California Drought poster by Federico Bazzarini. Used simple bright color, the corresponding theme of drought, using elements such as rain and umbrella, highlight the importance of rainfall. There is a strong sense of the screen to extend the vertical lines to guide the reader's attention, highlighting the feeling of "DROP".

If you won't say it out loud, then don't say it online.

Using a white background with green puzzle pieces is a nice contrast and makes it pop. The use of white space in the center of the tree also works well.

Public Service Announcements - Social Issue Ad 26

The picture works but definitely seems unrealistic. But it is still powerful. Also the large words with the message works well.

Public Service Announcement Poster: Please don't text and drive. Mostly everyone does it but when something actually happens then you immediately stop doing it. How about we just dont start to begin with.