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Why is he so cute and dorky, hhhhh- Tags +#OTGW || #overthegardenwall || #Wirt

Come to Cosplay and Totally Enjoy it

Over the Garden Wall from last Winter Sac Anime Wirt - pumpkinetics Beatrice - heartenedsoldier Greg - heartenedsoldier’s little brother

owlyjules: Now that the Ottawa animation festival is done I will finally upload these here.:) “Over the garden wall” was probably my favourite show of last year and now one of my faves of all time. Me and smieska made Pat mcHale and Nick Cross a otgw booklet and gave it to them two days ago as a thank you for creating that wonderful show.:) (we where shaking like leaves afterward!! dear god I hope I didn’t made a fool of myself!!) I will now post the art little by little over the next…

Bad End Marco, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Dipper, Bipper, Gravity Falls, Wirt Beast!Wirt, Over the Garden Wall, OTGW, Finn, Adventure Time