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This Flower was fading fast, and needed some Flower Power to keep blooming! Flower, an approximately six-year-old Beagle mix, arrived at the Mercer County Animal Shelter in West Virginia way back on July 6th. We don't know how or why Flower ended up at the shelter, but it appeared that she was not treated very well in her past life. As an older Beagle mix in a crowded kill shelter, Flower's life was greatly at risk.

It would have been a tragedy and a travesty for Travis to have been euthanized. And that is what almost happened to this two-year-old Labrador Retriever mix. On July 10th, he arrived at the Bladen County Animal Shelter in Elizabethtown, North Carolina. This perfectly fine dog soon found himself on the shelter's death row. Unless adopted or taken by a rescue, he was scheduled to be euthanized July 23rd.

If saving Chelsea has you dancing for joy, we could call it the Chow Chow cha-cha! This approximately eight-year-old Chow Chow mix was brought in by animal control to the Darlington County Humane Society shelter in South Carolina on July 15th. Chelsea arrived at the shelter with her fur so terribly matted that it all had to be shaved off. But at least that explains why she looks more like a little lion than a dog! Despite her sweet and gentle personality, Chelsea garnered no rescue interest.

What do you call all the efforts to save Jagger? How about a Jaggernaut! This two to three-year-old Lab mix was brought to the Darlington County Humane Society shelter in South Carolina on September 10th by animal control. A young Lab like Jagger should have been quickly adopted or taken by a rescue, but the combination of being a black dog and heartworm positive left Jagger languishing at the shelter. He ended up on the Put To Sleep list for November 6th.

Sampson is a big dog who needed a big break. And thanks to the swift generosity of RADAR's saintly supporters, that's exactly what this St. Bernard got! On July 10th, five-year-old Sampson was surrendered by his owners to the Darlington County Humane Society shelter in South Carolina. Sampson's family had fallen on hard times and was unable to properly care for him. He was terribly underweight and had a severe ear infection that became abscessed.

"After all is said and done, there is really only one, and Margie, Margie it's you!" "Margie" was a popular song in 1920, and revived by Ray Charles in 1961. The lyrics seem appropriate for our Margie! This Margie is a three-year-old Hound mix who arrived as a stray at the Darlington County Humane Society shelter in South Carolina on July 2nd. Margie is a great dog, but because she was heartworm positive, rescues passed her by.

If we were to write this posting in poetry, it would be an epic ode to Odin! At least 10 years old, Odin is a medley of mixes, including Boxer, Greyhound and Plott Hound. Odin came from a wealthy family, who decided to dump him at the Rowan County Animal Shelter in Kentucky on July 28th. He was so weak and sick that he would fall over when he tried to stand. At his age and in his condition, Odin's days, if not hours, were numbered at the shelter.

For this poor Princess, her only shelter was more of a prison than a palace. One to two years old and a Pit Bull mix, Princess was a stray who arrived at the Duplin County Animal Shelter in North Carolina on July 6th. Princess then had the very good fortune of being adopted on July 9th. Of course, that's not the end of the story. The next day Princess was returned to the shelter. The adopters' dog and Princess were not a good match.

The scenario was far from rosy for Rosie. This six-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier was one of three stray dogs found wandering together in the middle of a road. The dogs were taken to the Orange County Animal Shelter in North Carolina on July 29th. While the other two dogs were in good shape and quickly adopted, Rosie was another story entirely. She was severely emaciated, and had bug-bitten ears, many missing teeth, an old lip injury, and pressure sores. Oh, and she was heartworm…

All good things in time, and for Brenda that was a very long, long time. It was July 19th of 2013 when Brenda was picked up by animal control and taken to the Pocahontas County Animal Control shelter in West Virginia. Brenda is a two to three-year-old Labrador Retriever-English Coonhound mix. While Brenda had the misfortune to end up in a small rural shelter, she had the good fortune to have the remarkable De Anna advocating for her and never giving up on her...