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Quay Australia Macaw Mirror Lense Aviator Sunglasses

BTS V | our of all the members I really like V with colored lenses :3

premsaral: “ Source: something to say# flower ”

This photo is usually captioned as WWl or vintage aviation: it is not a vintage photo ,not from WWl or any war, not the first woman mechanic or anything like that - this is a modern photo and a good photo. Nothing wrong with staging "vintage" photos or re-enactments, but there are plenty of "real" old photos of "real" old times. Unfortunately, I didn't keep her name and the original photo has been taken down - she is a modern model, Russian ,I think.

Usually I don't really like the whole Steam Punk thing, but this outfit is just beautiful!

nikon and canon lens price comparison

I want a picture with my siblings like this

A Guide To Deduction: also helpful with medical school.

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Ash Xx on

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