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Love these educational videos for kids from one of our favorite grown-up bands, They Might Be Giants.

Raise your hand if Schoolhouse Rock is the reason you know the definition of a noun, and the preamble to the constitution.

A rare collectible - a near mint condition 1965 Daleks animated snow globe. With box.

A rare collectible - a near mint condition 1965 Daleks animated snow globe.

The Gotobeds' new album, Poor People Are Revolting, comes out Sept. 2.

First Listen: The Gotobeds, 'Poor People Are Revolting'

This rowdy, ramshackle party house of a band is built on the intersecting bedrock of post-punk and indie rock. On Poor People Are Revolting, there's something crazy going on in every room.

Are you looking for printables for kids? What if I told you I have a huge collection of Doctor Who Educational Printables for you? Whether you are looking for Math worksheets, handwriting pages, or lunchbox notes you are sure to find them here. Make sure to Pin them, Share them on Facebook, and comment and let me know how they worked for you.

Free Doctor Who Educational Printable - 10 Free Printables

Um.... doesn't the man usually propose anyway?

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So basically the Federation has no idea what they're doing with all this science.

Star Trek funny -- The best thing is though, is that Doc Brown plays a Klingon in Star Trek III: Search for Spock.

Doctor Who Crossovers

Doctor Who Mash Ups

Doctor Who mash ups - The Peanuts ones and the Magic Schoolbus ones are probably my favorites.

Life with Smith and Tyler. This link has fan fiction about the life of John Smith and Rose Tyler living life and having babies

Life with Smith & Tyler: An Alternate Adventure-- oh how I wish this was real!

Just absolutely precious. Like I just want to carry you in my pocket levels of cute.

Actually I did I watched the first one with nine and I didn't like it so I watched episode two then I was convinced it was the dumbest thing ever. My friend convinced me to watch a third episode and after that then I was hooked