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A "Humanity" paper chain, stretched between the uprights of a bus stop (which, hopefully, the public would step over carefully). [Photograph by Richard Hooker.]

5 Things About Slavery You Probably Didn't Learn In Social Studies: A Short Guide To 'The Half Has Never Been Told'

Clover Kantan Couture Bead Embroidery Tool- Clover

Paper chain figures with the following slogan on them: "Humanity is 'little people'". ...While, historically, the public has been described as "the little people" relative to sociopolitical and/or socioeconomic issues, I recognise that this term might be perceived as patronising. However, given the use of inverted commas, it's justified, I think, while the link to children is also of relevance.

I've also been revising previous FAT1 imagery to remove appropriated image content wherever possible: this photograph was taken by myself. How best to represent human figures within these compositions is, likewise, under consideration.

"Wish...together" image in situ.

Human Niche image: analog type and torn paper figure incorporated into digital montage.

Brandalism project, UK