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Mollusc shells inspire super-glass that's 200 times stronger than ordinary glass. Using a 3D laser to engrave microscopic fissures into glass slides, then filling them with a polymer, the researchers found it made the glass 200 times tougher. The glass could absorb impacts better—yielding and bending slightly instead of shattering.

How Do You Vent An Attic Bedroom? Check out the full project I inherited a house last year that is basically a shell. My husband and I are planning on finishing it ourselves. Downstairs has a mostly finished bathroom plumbing roughed out and the walls framed in. Upstairs is open roof is a gable. The plan is to finish the upstairs into 2 bedrooms and a half bath but I'm concerned on ventilation. I live in New England it's constantly damp and I don't want to worry about getting mold in the…

Using nanotechnology, researchers at University of Cambridge in the U.K. have synthesized a substance that has structural color much like opals. These "polymer opals" are also thin and flexible, and could be used in fabrics, security devices and even printed money. For the polymer opals, the researchers replaced the silica with spherical nanoparticles, and the water with a rubberlike substance that forms an outer shell.

after researching the idea of visual & physical comfort, the bouroullec brothers knew they wanted to create a very comfortable piece – something unstructured and welcoming, between a quilt and a blanket. the quilt chair, sofa, and ottoman consist of an upholstered, honeycomb-like skin of hi-tech stretch fabric with individual foam inserts that’s fitted over a shell. the patchwork components are mathematical in design as well as decorative and give a comforting feel to these functional…

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