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BRAVE NEW WORLD: Matt Forbeck's intriguing superhero tabletop roleplaying game inspired by "Kingdom Come," "Marshal Law," "American Flagg!" and other comics of dark heroism.

CASTLE FALKENSTEIN: Mike Pondsmith's tremendously innovative 1994 tabletop roleplaying game of high adventure in a steampunk-science-magick Age of Steam.

The Strange is a science-fantasy tabletop roleplaying game of adventure through countless "recursions" -- pocket dimensions spawned from the imaginations of Earth's creators. Literally any RPG campaign setting you've ever seen can be a recursion in The Strange.

EXALTED First Edition (2001): White Wolf's mythic high fantasy tabletop roleplaying game about the Chosen of the Gods at the end of the Second Age of Man -- a time of reborn god-kings, failing empires, and savage adventure.

Champions Universe (for HERO System Fifth Edition): One of the most thorough and wide-ranging campaign settings for any superhero RPG.

CULT OF THE ILLUMINATED for White Wolf's EXALTED roleplaying game: The hidden disciples who shelter and train young Solars, and the Wyld Hunt that persecutes them.