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BRAVE NEW WORLD: Matt Forbeck's intriguing superhero tabletop roleplaying game inspired by "Kingdom Come," "Marshal Law," "American Flagg!" and other comics of dark heroism.

CASTLE FALKENSTEIN: Mike Pondsmith's tremendously innovative 1994 tabletop roleplaying game of high adventure in a steampunk-science-magick Age of Steam.

BLOOD ON THE SNOW: A supplement for the Pelgrane Press HILLFOLK tabletop roleplaying game of epic interpersonal conflict

The Strange is a science-fantasy tabletop roleplaying game of adventure through countless "recursions" -- pocket dimensions spawned from the imaginations of Earth's creators. Literally any RPG campaign setting you've ever seen can be a recursion in The Strange.

"Stars Without Number" designer Kevin Crawford created this sandbox-style Old School roleplaying game of Lovecraftian horror.

PULP EGYPT (Griffon Publishing): A packed roleplaying game sourcebook of 1930s Egypt and all the plot elements for three different campaign types in this mysterious land.

Champions Universe (for HERO System Fifth Edition): One of the most thorough and wide-ranging campaign settings for any superhero RPG.

Clones in Space (1986) for PARANOIA First Edition: The late Erick Wujcik (Amber Diceless Roleplaying) wrote this space-operatic exercise in explosive decompression.